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Working out is one of the best healthy choices you can make. The problem is that most of us find this type of commitment difficult. If we do find the strength to enter the gym, we still have the issue of pushing ourselves to workout. 

But, what if you find the love of your life, and he enjoys working out too? BOOM! The fireworks are lit! Being in love is powerful. You love spending time together, because it ignites your heart and your life. So why not bring that fire to your workouts? 

As a couple, working out together puts a whole new reasoning to attacking your workouts. Check out these top 3 reasons for choosing to workout with your boyfriend/husband/fiance: 

  1.  Your handsome man is motivation in itself (smile). You know there is no way that you won’t meet the one you love at the gym or running path. You want to be with him, so you won’t be teasing yourself anymore with excuses for putting working out to the side. 
  2. Your support was once your iPod filled with high-energy music. Your support now is personal, because it’s coming from the one you love. Not pushing yourself to the limit is no option now. Your man won’t let that happen. It’s an instinct of theirs. 
  3. Having the one you love working out alongside you is key to opening the gate to seeing results – results of your hard workouts. Your heart is already happy being in love, and feeling healthy and strong will double that happiness. It’s your body’s natural response. 

Meet at the place where two become one. Don’t you feel a new breath of life entering your body? I feel it! Keep that feeling alive by working out together for both of your longevity.

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