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If you are getting involved in a muscle and fitness program and want to see significant changes to your body, one thing that you need to be taking into account is the relationship between lean muscle mass and your metabolic rate. 

Those who are working hard to burn fat and build muscle will want to know about this relationship as it’s very applicable to any muscle and fitness plan. 

Let’s take a closer look so you know what this is all about. 

Lean Muscle Mass Workouts And Metabolic Rate 

The very first connection you should know about is how the workouts that are designed to help you build muscle mass tissue are going to boost your metabolic rate. 

Immediately following an intense resistance training workout session, you are going to notice that your body is burning up calories far faster than it was before. 

Essentially, you will experience a 48 hour spike in your resting metabolic rate, meaning you can see accelerated progress during this time. 

If you perform three full body mass building workouts per week, which is a great way to go about achieving your goals and designing your program plan, this literally means you will see a higher metabolic rate almost the whole week through. 

At the end of the day, this can have a significant influence on the speed of fat loss that you see. 

Lean Muscle Mass Development And Permanent Metabolic Rate 

Moving along, the next muscle and fitness connection to know about is the fact that if you go on to actually add more lean muscle mass to your frame (you gain weight), this too will influence your metabolic rate. 

Because muscle mass tissue is highly metabolically active tissue, it’s going to burn more energy simply at rest to maintain itself than body fat tissue would. 

That is one big reason why those people who are quite muscular (think athletes and larger men) can eat and eat and eat – and never seem to gain a pound. 

Because they have so much muscle mass on their frame, they pretty much burn up those calories they’re taking in as fast as they go in. 

So for anyone who has fat loss as their major goal set, adding more lean muscle mass will actually work in your favor because it will allow you to either eat more food on your diet and still lose the same amount of weight (and who doesn’t appreciate more food?!?) or, maintain the same food intake and still lose weight faster. 

Furthermore, this added lean muscle mass will also help you out when it comes to weight maintenance because it’s going to help you maintain a higher metabolic rate 24/7, meaning if you do indulge, you’ll be more likely to burn up those excess calories as an energy source. 

So there you have the main muscle and fitness – and metabolic rate connection. Keep this in mind and make sure you aren’t overlooking your muscle building workout sessions.

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